CCC, a branch of Beyond Personal Limits, offers an important and unique service for the total community: schools, families, mental health services various agencies and individuals.

CCC designs unique, creative strategies and programs that will enhance understanding and integration of educational and community topics. These include, but are not limited to: family values, healthy communications, multi-culural diversity and global connections, educational character traits and interdependence with the environment.

 Additional programs are offered related to the classroom environment: problem solving, conflict resolution, self-esteem and anger management. My work with inner city schoolsand preventative therapy for at risk children compliments my role as therapist and community art facilitator.  Other evolving projects have included women's studies, which honor,  acknowledge and support women in their diverse roles in society

These tailor-made projects and strategies created for your organization incorporate an essential ingredient necessary for healthy integrated learning. That essential ingredient is creative process. Here CCC blends experience and training in art therapy, integrative tranpersonal therapy, marriage, family and child counseling, with a variety of original "creative tools" in an interactive format that is sure to get positive results.

Explore these samplings of projects developed by CCC of Charlotte. In each activity I served happily as consultant and creator of the events:

InnerVision, Inc.

 CCC has been engaged in a custom made creative community group series for InnerVision, Inc. of Charlotte, NC.

Community Charter School:  Local Sharing of the International Traveling Autumn Celebration

This international event focuses on bringing greater awareness and understanding to the student about the variety of cultures whose ancient festivals recognize and honor their interdependence with nature. This unique traveling local/global community art event introduces curriculum related materials about Cherokee, Jewish, Hindu, and Chinese cultures that historically celebrate their interconnectedness to all of life. This project incorporates and weaves together schools, senior groups and private sectors, both in Charlotte, NC and Portugal.  It is a testimony to our ability to work together with the richness offered in our diverse cultures and traditions.

Community Charter School:  Consultant and Creator

The Heart Tree, an original story written and performed as the kick-off event, inspires and deepens students' understanding of the character trait of kindness. Students at C.C.S. participated in month-long creative educational activities that honored the Random Acts of Kindness Week and Valentine's Day with a unique focus on kindness. This extensive project culminated in a Kid's Art Crawl in the North Davidson Art District of Charlotte, NC.

Family First Community Services L.L.C.

Provided introductory staff training on recognizing and working with creative process as an innovative approach to issues related to the family model.

Community Charter School-Consultant and Presenter for Family Night: The Family Pole

Created an original activity that provided the participating families with a fun opportunity to reflect, question and renew their values and communication skills within the whole family.

Community Charter School-Consultant and Presenter: Thanksgiving Blessing Ribbons

A school-based Thanksgiving celebration involves families, students and staff in an interactive activity that uniquely addresses the essential qualities around the idea of "Thanksgiving."

Community Charter School: The Talking Stick

Provided staff training around the talking stick as an interactive tool that is used for classroom issues related to problem solving, conflict resolution and self-esteem.

Community Charter School Special Summer Project: The Raisin Game

Originated the Raisin Game activity to celebrate Father's Day as an interactive family activity to strengthen healthy bonds between children and significant male role models in the family.

International Women's Project:  A Tapestry of Being

A grassroots project which invites participants from diverse  economic, professional, age and cultural backgrounds in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Portugal, to celebrate women. It has been a unique cross-cultural community traveling event to honor women in all their diverse roles worldwide.

Traveling Creative Autumn Celebration/Collage 2010

The celebration of renewal is a unique event that gives tribute and celebrates our need to clear and renew our relationship to all of Life. It honors the existence of at least five world cultures in Asia (India,China), the Middle East (Greece, Israel) and North America (Native cultures, Cherokee and others) who for thousands of years have celebrated and honored life beginning at the 7th moon.

Cultures, in ancient times isolated and separated by thousands of miles, held yearly festivals that reflected the same basic belief and focus of renewing their 'relationship to life.' Individuals, families and communities offer their cumulative respect of nature and their interdependence with environment and humanity.

Today, as a global community, we understand how important our relationships to each other and the environment are to creating a healthy world. In 2010 this unique project traversed five different venues: Initiating at a gathering at the Catawba River on the 7th new moon, traveling to Pennsylvania and Pebble Hill, an art gallery and interfaith celebration center, to the giant sequoias in Sintra, Portugal and finally returning home to the Charlotte Independence Regional Library for the enjoyment of friends, staff and patrons.

For six seasons the project has been shared in public display in libraries and schools.


Collaborative collage from 2006 local/global creative community event with Community Charter School.


Collaborative collage from local/global community event for Autumn 2007.


 2006 local/global collaborative celebration for Spring featured in the Charlotte Observer's Neighbors section.


Sequoia Grove, at Quinta da Sequoias/Sintra, Portugal part of the 2010 Travelling Autumn Celebration.



This section of the Autumn Travelling Event is in loving memory of Ursula Bogert who attended each year in the southern Portugal venue. Ursula offered whole hearted support and encouragement of this annual collaborative event.

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