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The Aware Self Workshop:

The Aware Self Process, in workshop form, utilizes gently focused meditative and visualization processes to open oneself to your inner inspiration.  In this place of “being”, free from limitation, you are led to discover, explore and choose healthy responses to daily issues and concerns.

As a workshop participant, many have found that the guidance and personal instruction maximizes the effectiveness of this uniquely creative tool. You will experience a powerful shift in awareness bringing benefit to your:

  • Creative problem solving activities
  • Conscious awareness, and
  • Allow your creativity to blossom

For more than 38 years, as an E.C.T.P., an international creative events leader, certified European transpersonal psychotherapist and creative life coach, I have worked to develop unique creative tools that add their own alchemical inspiration to your unique life journey...

Register with Estelle at:

 or phone 704-535-7395 

(c) 704 608 3466





 The Aware Self booklet by E.T. Spike. Available for purchase.






Circle Harvesting Group:

Circle Harvesting ongoing creative personal/spiritual growth group through creative community.

"The act of gathering in circle is an ancient ritual tapping into the wisdom that honors the rich tapestry we create through community." Recognizing and engaging in our innate "creative process," whether it be working with  The Aware Self, The Raisin Prayer Game,The Living Tree Process or any other creative tool introduced in group, be certain that the combination of group and the creative process will assist you in:

  • Strengthening your intuition
  • Developing creative problem solving skills
  • Enhancing your conscious awareness
  • Opening you to act upon your inner inspirations

CONTACT: Estelle at : 

or phone 704-535 7395

(c) 704 608 3466

 Note: Other new workshops are taking place throughout the year feel free to contact me for details on these new events. 


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