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 "The Aware Self Process"

A creative tool for personal and
spiritual growth

The Aware Self Process in booklet form, utilizes gently focused meditative and visualization processes to open oneself to your inner inspiration.  In this place of "being", free from limitation you are led to discover explore and choose healthy responses to daily issues and concerns.

Whether engaging in the "Aware Self Process" in a special home setting or as an Aware Self workshop participant you have chosen a powerful creative tool which benefits your:

  • Problem Solving Abilities
  • Conscious Awareness
  • Creativity... and much more

NOTE:  With purchase of "The Aware Self" booklet you are gifted a 10% discount to the Aware Self companion workshop. Many have found that the guidance and personal instruction I bring to the process maximizes the effectiveness of this uniquely creative tool. (Please see the Groups and Workshops tab for further information.)

COST: $12.00 (postage included)

COST: $5.00 email copy

EMAIL PACKAGE SPECIAL: $7.50 when ordering both the Aware Self and the Raisin Prayer


"The Raisin Prayer Game"

Open the pages of this delightful booklet where you will discover a creative tool that will playfully:

  • Open you to your inner inspiration
  • Offer a clearing tool that allows you to act upon that inspiration
  • Present a fun game to share with others

While this game injects an enjoyable flavor into the creative process it invariably results in powerful shifting of the consciousness.  As an extended benefit the game is structured in an ongoing progression which begins anew each month of the year. Enjoy!

COST:   $4.50  (postage included)

COST:  $3.00 for email copy

EMAIL PACKAGE SPECIAL:  $7.50 when ordering both the Aware Self and the Raisin Prayer


"E.T. Tales: The Borage Effect"

A collection of delightful
short stories about our inner connectedness with nature.

Available as a booklet and email format, "E.T. Tales: The Borage Affect" contains a collection of five short stories that reveal our interconnectedness to all of life, expressing the power to increase courage, drive away sorrow, and open the heart, all allowing a happier person to emerge. The series includes:

  • Toby and the Summer of her Dolphin Swimsuit
  • Estelle Toby and the Plane Tree at the Top of Her Road
  • An Evening Stroll down Pineview Road
  • The Day She Followed Her Heart and Discovered the Giant Sequoias of the Serra de Sintra
  • The Golden Gingko Tree

COST: $12.00 (postage included)

COST:  $5.00 email copy

Ask about an Email Package special when purchased with one of the above creative tools. 


 The Tale of The Heart Tree

With our focus today on the environment, nature and our
interdependence to all of life, The Tale of the Heart Tree,
a delightful, inspirational tale for children of all ages, is a
must read. Here you will be introduced to Quercus, an oak
sapling, and Quercus’s world. Quercus is about to meet
Grandfather Oak, the wise elder of Ancient Forest, where
Quercus will learn about a tradition that is special to his
wooded homeland.

Now available on Kindle/Amazon.

NOTE: Download free Kindle apps for your PC, Mac,
iPads, etc.

NOTE: If you own a Kindle, you can borrow it through
their Kindle Lending Library.

Use this link to learn more:

COST: On Amazon at $2.99



 The Aware Self book by E.T. Spike. Available for purchase.







 The Raisin Prayer Game book by E.T. Spike.
Available for purchase.


 Illustration from
Toby and the Summer of her dolphin swim suit. Available for purchase as part of the collection or individually.

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