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 2008 Travelling Autumn Celebration Inaugural Event, Catawba River, Charlotte, NC

Participants from the 2010 inaugural local/global collaborative  Travelling Autumn Celebration.

 Yew tree planting at Montserrat Palatial Gardens, Sintra, Portugal, 2011. A collaborative event linking the Travelling Autumn Celebration, UN International Year of the Forests and the 1st International Horticultural Congress which took place in Portugal. 




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Listen to Estelle Toby Spike's latest interview with Open Forum (Women's Radio Network) with host Andrea on the topic of Creative Consulting and the workshops available in this website

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As you visit my web profile my hope is to not only introduce you to the array of services I offer, but to also instill a belief that healing and growth are realities awaiting your arrival. Similar to the turning of a kaleidoscope, even a small shift in perception can manifest as a life changing dynamic. 

Change is but a breath away.


I began my professional career in the pioneering and innovative atmosphere of San Francisco and Berkeley, California in the early 70's from which I emerged as a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor.  From this platform I expanded into a creative international holistic-integrative psychotherapist and creative life coach.

A Training Snapshot...

My extensive training was enhanced in both the States and Europe with renowned healers and teachers that include:

  • Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, MD
  • Roger Woolger, PhD
  • Robert Hall, MD

Many others made an enormous impact throughout my 38 years of international experience and instruction from which I grew as a seasoned professional.

I will be your companion and guide in our work together, be it as an individual, couple, group or workshop member; or a community service client/ recipient of a tailor made CCC program; or a participant in an international community event.

In warm welcome, I invite you to learn more about Beyond Personal Limits!

  • A Holistic-Transpersonal Approach to Life
  • Creative Community Approach to Life
  • Personal & Spiritual Healing and Growth
  • Crisis Interventions
  • Major Life Transitions
  • Times of Change and Challenge
  • Creative Community Consultant and Facilitator

Listen to Charlotte View Internet Radio interview with Estelle Spike, MA ECTP. Learn how The New Year of The Tree, The Creative Tree Process and the heart of winter, can be an inspiration and a “creative tool” that can enhance and enrich your own life odyssey (Feb 2015)

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